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The ACE pyramid is credited to the work of the CDC-Kaiser Study.

Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs are chronic or severe traumatic events that can drastically alter a person's development on all levels. The CDC-Kaiser ACE Study was one of the largest inquiries into the long term effects of childhood neglect, abuse, and distress ever conducted. The findings are a nutshell, the more ACEs a person experiences in childhood, the more likely they are to be involved with drugs, alcohol, and the corrections system - and the less likely they were to graduate from high school or move on to higher education. In addition, it was also found that the incidence of depression, domestic violence, low income, and medical conditions dramatically increased. To read more about this study and it's findings please visit the CDC website here:

​For an excellent, in depth analysis of the impacts of ACEs please see, "7 Ways Childhood Adversity Can Change Your Brain,"  written by Donna Jackson Nakazawa.