comforting kids in

times of crisis


Although Adverse Childhood Experiences have been found to have a drastic and powerful impact on our lifelong development and well-being, all is not lost. If you are an adult that is currently feeling the repercussions of there are methods to "re-wire" how your brain responds to stress. Mindfulness meditation is a specifically dynamic tool to achieve just this. For more information on how to recover, please see the work of Donna Jackson Nakazawa, author of Childhood Disrupted and The Last Best Cure.

Books to the Rescue! Yavapai County aims to be proactive and prevent these lifelong effects from occurring in the first place. Research tells us that if there is a calm, supportive adult present during these traumatic events that can help us process through our emotions these negative outcomes can be reduced or abated. First responders already do so much to protect us from harm. Let's support them in helping to prevent further emotional trauma as well.

Graphic credit to the CDC-Kaiser ACE Study